Warning Policy

Consider this your warning: I do not put warnings on individual fics.

On Archive of Our Own, they have a “Choose Not To Warn” warning. I have slapped that on all the fics I’ve uploaded there so far, despite the fact that most of them have nothing to warn for.

Most of my stories do not contain character death, or outright rape and abuse, however, quite a few contain issues of consent and themes that may be triggery. I would rather you view my stories as all being possibly suspect than all being okay unless stated otherwise.

Furthermore, while I am still using pairings in the headers at the moment, I do not consider a pairing listed to be an indicator of a happy ending. It could mean there’s sex between them. It could mean feelings are requited. It could mean one character has unrequited feelings towards another. It could even mean one rapes the other.

I have also done away with ratings on my journal/website. However, all my fics are rated General Audiences, Teen+, or Mature on AO3 (I do not use the Explicit rating, as I’m never sure what separates Mature from Explicit).

If you have a question about a fic, feel free to comment and ask. I am happy to answer specific questions (such as “does this story contain X or Y?”, not “does this story have any warnings?”) to the best of my ability, including giving a detailed description of the story.

If you prefer a version of the story that has more information than I provide on my journal/website, you can also read the fics on AO3. I am attempting to tag them thoroughly, though tagging is currently nowhere near complete.