Wisconsin Legal Blank Rental Agreement

For more information on the new law on criminal activity in rental housing, see my blog post, which summarizes Bill 176. In fact, there are no strict provisions for the mandatory commitment of leases. However, in some cases, the landlord may be curious about the tenant`s rental history or creditworthiness, so if the tenant is particularly interested in renting a particular property, it may be beneficial to provide this information. I hope these changes will make the residential lease form more up-to-date and beneficial to those of you who use it. If you would like to purchase the new and improved lease, please contact Wisconsin Legal Blank Co., Inc. at (414) 344-5155, wilegalblank.com or in person at 749 N. The wording used in the “Use of Premises and Guests” section of the lease, which refers to how long a guest can live in the rental unit, needed to be clarified as it was vague and unclear. A language has been added to explain that a guest cannot stay in the rental unit for more than 14 non-consecutive days in a year or more than 3 consecutive days in a month without the prior written permission of the landlord. The following details need to be taken into account to complete the lease: I have completely rewritten the “Victim Damage” section of the lease in light of the huge increase in floods and fires I have seen recently. .