Telstra Dealership Agreement

The remaining four stores are independent traders in Robina, Qld; Joondalup, WA; and two at Westfield Mall in Carindale, Qld. “She said Telstra could buy a few VTG stores, but that would support Telstra`s own clustering strategy, but. The price is set by mutual agreement. The customer is responsible for all outgoing calls/SMS made inside or outside the rental contract data, while the equipment and/or ordering service are the property of the customer. The customer`s credit card is charged/charged to account for call and SMS charges. Unless otherwise stated, all Airtime fares are charged at the current airtime rates set by satPhone Shop at the time of signing the contract. Call rates are listed on These costs can be deducted at any time during or after the conclusion of the lease. SatPhone Shop reserves the right to make charges and calls/SMS, etc. up to 90 days after the conclusion of the rental agreement due to delays in the provision of call data by satellite network operators to SatPhone Shop. A tax invoice is made available to the customer as soon as the call and SMS costs are completed. SatPhone Shop reserves the right to change Airtime rates and/or plans at any time. If possible, SatPhone Shop will endeavor to inform affected customers for 30 days of each price change.

“It does not reflect the viability of any of the listed stores and, due to the nature of the agreement, no decision can be made at some Vita sites,” he said. Do you have current agreements with Telstra and/or relevant reseller codes * Select Yes No 2.2 If, as you mentioned, the reseller is affiliated with Channel, why is it mentioned as an option under TW? Full payment of the rental is required prior to shipment of the equipment. All fees and charges that SatPhone Shop provides to the customer are automatically charged/debited to the credit card designated by the customer, regardless of the actual start date of the rental, in order to ensure that the equipment is reserved for the customer….