U.s. Living Will Registry Registration Agreement

You can have both — a health assistant, who calls a person to make the decisions, and a living will to help that person make decisions. Option 2: You can completely delete your account and documents from the USLWR and no longer be part of the registration. To select this option, email the USLWR. Please include only your name, date of birth and registration ID in the email. Please write “REVOKE MY FILE” in the subject line. A properly executed advance directive is a legally recognized document, whether it has been registered or not. Registering your pre-directive is a voluntary step you can take to ensure that your document is accessible if necessary. Being in the office can give you a sense of certainty that your document will be found in an emergency, even if a copy of your prior policy is not stored in the nearest hospital or if you are travelling outside Vermont. Within 2 to 3 weeks of your material being deposited, you will receive a confirmation letter and a parcel in the Vermont Advance Directive Registry mail. This package contains a wallet card with your registration ID number. With this number, you (or anyone you give the number to) can display your document in the record. It is recommended to keep this card with your license or emergency information card. Small stickers for your license or other identity cards with the address of the registry website and a free number for the registry are also included.

If you have already registered your pre-directive, but want to edit or update your document, you must complete a new advance policy, add it to the change authorization form and return your new document to the Vermont Advance Directive Registry. Don`t forget to give copies of your new policy to your doctor, doctor, hospital and any other friends/family members you choose. Health care providers can contact the registry on Mondays – Fridays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to access advance guidelines, organ donor information and emergency contact information, or simply to find out if a patient has a prior directive. In addition, registry specialists are available 24 hours a day to manage EMERGENCY`s requests for documents. Member health care providers can use the online service to access registration documents. You can access your document using your name and date of birth, registration number or social security number if you have indicated it (the availability of your social insurance is optional). Once a advance directive has been registered in the Vermont Advance Directive Registry, filers will receive a first “welcome” letter sent in print to the mailing address you indicated at check-in.