City Of Miami Beach Collective Bargaining Agreement

(t) has accepted or received a gift, reward, gift, gift, tip or any other value for the performance of an obligation imposed on him under his duties other than his official function. However, provided that this rule and regulation does not apply in the case of meritorious service by a member of a classified public service in the City of Miami, where a member of that service has been specifically authorized by the City Manager to receive such a reward, gift, gift, gift, gift, gift, tip or other valuable, and if, in this case, a permanent registration is held at the City Manager`s office; or all candidates receive consideration for employment regardless of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, ancestry, colour, national origin, physical disability, political affiliation, religion, religion, religion, pregnancy, genetic information, family status or other non-deserving factors (other than staff rules, collective agreements or professional disqualifications). Art. 12.7. Physical incapacity, transmission options. Any employee declared by the city doctor unable to continue his current classification, as long as the employee concerned corresponds to the reassignment, can be transferred by the City Manager to any unoccupied classification of the entry level if, according to the administrator, the employee is able to perform the tasks of the new classification. A worker who has been classified as disabled by the Pensions Council and who is unable to perform the functions of his or her regular classification may, if he chooses, be placed by the City Manager in a free entry position for which he meets the minimum requirements, subject to the agreement of the Director of Human Resources and the City Doctor. The two acts mentioned above must be served without further written testing or additional trial period. Supp. #I, 11-80 sec 12.8. In accordance with the collective agreement. Notwithstanding this rule, workers in a bargaining unit may be dismissed, dismissed or reinstated in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding employment contract. Art.

6.3. Test content. All selection procedures are practical and relate directly to issues that equitably determine the relative ability of the controlled person to perform the particular classification or position functions for which the appointment is sought. The tests may be compiled or not assembled and include written, oral, physical, medical or performance tests, apprenticeship or vocational training programs or a combination of these or other recognized competitions. They may take into account appropriate factors such as education, experience, aptitude, knowledge, character, physical fitness or other qualifications that, according to the director of the human resources department, are taken into account in determining the applicants` relative fitness. Article 8.17. In accordance with the collective agreement. Notwithstanding the provisions of this rule, staff members may be appointed, promoted or advanced in a bargaining unit in accordance with the terms of the corresponding employment contract.

For a list of classifications of collective agreements, choose the competent union: (w) has requested or recommended, in its official capacity, lawyers for persons or employees involved in accidents, in case of injuries suffered by workers in the course of their work, property damage or litigation involving the City of Miami. by. 12.4. Resignations. Any worker who resigns with a satisfactory service record can ask his department to be placed on a recruitment list. If the Director of the Department of Labor approves the application, the Director of the Department of Public Service may apply.