100 words :: Star Wars :: Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon :: 10/13/04
Qui-Gon catches Obi-Wan masturbating.

“Are you masturbating?”

“What? No! Force, no, Master,” Obi-Wan squeaks, heart pounding.

Qui-Gon pauses. “Right.”

Mentally cursing the rustling sheets – so loud! – Obi-Wan jerks his hand away. Qui-Gon is still standing in the doorway.


“It’s all right, you know. Perfectly natural for a boy your age.” Another pause, and then, “Though I think we should work on your shields tomorrow.”

He knows. Cheeks burning, Obi-Wan lets out a choked whimper, coming suddenly and unexpectedly. His ragged breathing fills the room, and he can’t even tell if Qui-Gon is still there.

“Good night, Padawan,” Qui-Gon whispers, and Obi-Wan moans again.