Never Would

200 words :: Sky Captain :: Joe/Dex :: 9/19/04
Dex would never betray Joe.

“That bi-” Dex’s eyebrows shoot up and Joe amends, “Polly sabotaged my engine! I don’t want to hear another word about her.”

“I didn’t say anything,” Dex says, rolling his eyes and turning his attention back to the paper.

“You may not have said anything, but you’re reading one of her articles, aren’t you? What kind of friend would do that?”

“It’s a newspaper. I can’t read the paper now?” he says, trying not to sound annoyed. “Admit it, you’ve become completely obse-”

“Have not.”

“Have, too. It’s been, what? Two months?” Dex glances at the date on the paper, then up at Joe. “Nearly three,” he corrects himself. “Three months since she confessed, and you still can’t let it go.”

“She betrayed my trust, Dex.” Joe paces restlessly. “That’s not something I take lightly.” With a sigh, he drops down onto the couch, his perpetual arrogance faltering, leaving him looking lost. “If you ever betrayed me…”

“I wouldn’t!” Dex says, unable to hide the hurt in his voice. Paper forgotten, he reaches out to touch Joe’s shoulder. “Joe, believe me, I…” He drops his gaze, feeling a flush spread across his cheeks.


“I never would,” Dex finishes lamely.