Whatever Happens

~1100 words :: Ppoi! :: Hina/Makoto :: 11/29/10
The worst thing she can imagine is not being friends with Makoto anymore. She keeps her hands on her knees, fingers digging in so she doesn’t reach out. She has held Makoto’s hand before so many times, but it would be different now. It would feel different now that she knows. (Note: Much of the dialogue (my translation) comes directly from ch. 84 of the manga. Cutting your hair is a common response (especially in fiction) to getting dumped or having your heart broken or things of that nature, as a symbolic way of making a new start.)

[Since this manga has not been licensed in English and scanlations were dropped after vol. 4, I don’t expect anyone to be familiar with canon. However! You can totally read this without canon knowledge. Here is the background for the fic: Makoto and Hina have just graduated from jr high and all during the last year they have both had a crush on the same boy in their class, Amano. At first they made a pact that neither of them would do anything about it, but at one point Makoto told Amano she liked him. He told her he didn’t like her that way. Recently another friend told Makoto that Amano probably likes Hina (which he does), which Makoto eventually tells Hina. Hina still waffles about doing anything about it, saying she’d rather choose their friendship over a chance with Amano, and she and Makoto have a fight, with Makoto asking if Hina pities her and then calling her a coward. That finally prompts Hina to call Amano and ask him to meet her in the park. He does and they talk a bit and before she can work up the courage to tell him how she feels, he kisses her. She is so shocked and upset that she pushes him away so hard he falls down, then she runs off, and my fic basically picks up from there.]

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